Hotel Marriott Maida Vale, London UK

Areas: Guest Rooms
The iconic image of the ‘infamous four’ striding out across the zebra crossing; one bare foot, one in a swanky white suit, another in Black, whilst the other, at the back, in denim, is fundamental to the inspiration of the schemes at Maida Vale.

The 60’s Volkswagen Beetle and London Black cab are now renowned worldwide as is, the iconic Vespa, a sculpture of which sits on top of the mini bar in each room.

The theme and inspiration throughout the guest-rooms has remained faithful to the 60’s theme with subtle reference to the many years of fame that the Maida Vale recording studios has endured. This one image inspired the colour scheme of black, white and blush and has been translated into today’s modern era as an elegant, contemporary and yet warm scheme.

The joinery elements within the room have a geometric reference and are, in essence a piece of sculpture in themselves, meticulously designed and crafted to be practical but beautifully finished with special details such as seen in the leather handles.

Each of the elements have had many months of design development and most are bespoke pieces, designed in answer to the ever changing and challenging expectations of the modern worldwide traveller, whether business or leisure.

These are rooms that the traveller will not only find beautifully thought out, but will also enjoy the subtle reference to their location with intuitive ease of use from the moment they enter.